Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Pig Roast!

Jude's First Birthday!
E Ben, Greg, and Danel prepared the pig to roast.

For Jude's first birthday we threw a little party. We invited 50 people up to my mother's house in Vancouver, picked up two kegs of beer, and roasted a 60 pound pig in the ground. I wanted Jude to have something to remember.

Apparently, on my first birthday my parents (Terry and Danel) threw such a big party that they totally trashed their house. According to legend, the next day they put it on the market for sale. We were just following after our ancestors.

This is about noon, with guests set to arrive at two. Do I look nervous? Actually, I had just tapped the first keg.

The pig was a big hit, and came out perfectly cooked after 8 hours. We asked guests to bring a salad or dessert, and they all brought desserts. Some folks had to go home early, on account of high blood sugar.

To all who attended, THANK YOU for ringing in birthday number one in grand style. This was really a party for Linden and E Ben, whose lives were changed forever last August when Jude came into the world. To those of you who tried valiantly, with me, to finish off the two kegs of beer - you have my gratitude.

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