Monday, November 30, 2009

Any Guesses?

We're having our 18W ultrasound on Thursday and we will hopefully find out then whether we're having a boy or a girl (unless Baby does not cooperate, which is entirely possible considering what happened at our last ultrasound).

If you'd like to make an "official" guess, please leave it in the comments before Thursday at 11am.

Here's a little rundown of the differences between this pregnancy and the last one, in case that helps anyone with their guess...
  • I had much less morning sickness this time - less than a month compared with almost four months with Jude.
  • I have gained a little more weight this time - 5 lbs at 18W compared with 2 lbs at 18W with Jude - but both are low for this stage in pregnancy.
  • I felt this baby move for the first time at around 15W - compared with first movement at 17W with Jude. But most people say that it's common to feel the second baby move earlier. maybe because it's easier to distinguish fetal movement from random bubbles and so on.
  • I have been really sick during most of this pregnancy. I had something like the flu in September, a sinus infection in October, and a really bad cold for the second half of November. I don't remember being this sick (other than morning sickness) with Jude.
  • Belly-wise, I'm definitely showing more at this point than I was with Jude - but again I think that's common with the second baby.
  • Heart rate at the first ultrasound was higher (170s vs. 150s) but heart rate since then has been the same.
  • With Jude I had pretty bad back pain in the first trimester. With this baby, I've had shoulder pain (I think from lifting Jude with my right arm).
  • With Jude I had round ligament pain (sharp pains in the abdominal area) in the fourth month. Nothing this time - the ligaments are probably still stretched from last time!
  • Cravings this time: root beer, Doritos, baked potatoes. Last time: none until pretty late. Both times I have had aversions to chicken.
  • In general, I would say that other than getting sick so much, this pregnancy is easier than my last one. Sometimes almost a whole day goes by and I forget that I'm pregnant. I barely even notice the changes - maybe because I know that although I've gotten a little bigger, I'm going to get so much bigger that this is nothing.
I would have included some photos, but we didn't get it together in time and I wanted to post this today to give people a few days to make their guesses. I'd love to hear what you think!


Nicole said...

I say girl!

Natalie said...


Amber said...

I'll go with girl :)

Anonymous said...

i want a picture, please!

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing its either a boy or a girl.

Jennie said...

I'm guessing that this one is a Buick. Congrats!

LibraryHungry said...

I say boy.

Linden said...

I'm guessing girl. But then again, the parents are always wrong, so there you go.

E Ben said...

GIRL. Definitely girl.

Anonymous said...

well, linden did send me pictures, but it's hard to see and it's early (for me) here's to my first wild guess! i'll support the parents and say girl :)