Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lots of Pokies

Jude had his 15-month appointment with Dr. Jack on Monday. Here are his stats:
  • Weight: 27 pounds, 10 ounces (86th percentile)
  • Height: 34 1/4 inches (99th percentile)
From a height perspective, Jude is about the size of a typical 2-year-old. His weight is creeping up a little bit percentile-wise compared with last time, probably because Jude eats like a maniac.

Everything is looking good. Dr. Jack said that Jude's language development is right on track for a boy of his age (a girl would probably be saying more words at this point) and he's already passing most of the tests for the 18M autism screen. Specifically, he plays well with other kids, points at objects that interest him, mimics words that we say, and is really good with eye contact. That's good news, not that I was worried about autism with our outgoing toddler!

The only things we need to change are to reduce Jude's daily milk consumption (he's been drinking 25-30 oz a day, and it should be closer to 18-20) and to brush his teeth for him (we usually hand him the toothbrush and let him do it himself). He got a lot of shots today - both flu vaccines and some other 15M vaccinations and cried more than he ever has before. He was over it a couple of minutes later and very interested in the band-aids decorating his legs.

The doctor said he was doing really well with his books and reading and was impressed that he was able to point out some of the things on the pages (the keys and the gorilla in Good Night, Gorilla). He couldn't find the little mouse, but that one is always touch and go.

Here are a couple of photos of Jude from the weekend. We had a fun visit with Duncan and Natalee (and Cinnamon, the dog). I'll post more about the weekend in the next few days. I'm finally feeling better (although my cough still sounds terrible) and have some extra energy at the end of the day to do something other than sleep, read, or watch TV.

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Natalie said...

yay for growing Jude! Funny, we were at the same pediatrician practice for Liana's 2-week on Monday, too!