Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Spirit

Merry Christmas to our little boy! And all the world along with him. What will he remember from this December, his first recollections of Christmas for a lifetime to come? The responsibility of building Christmas memories rests on our parental shoulders.

Christmas is a time of year with a mystery and a magic all its own. From the birth of Jesus to the arrival of Santa Claus, there are many twists and turns along the way. Presents? Christmas trees? Bright lights? Christmas sweaters? Giant family parties? What does it all mean? Does it have to mean something? Do we want it to?

Through it all, our boy is the same as ever. He is in constant motion or fast asleep. He is wearing our shoes and playing guitar. He dances and rocks out over the slightest hint of Christmas music. And yes, he has discovered Santa Claus and can identify him through pointing at any time it seems necessary.

I am sure that Christmas is a bewildering set of wonders to a little boy. But then, his life has been fairly short, so he hasn't much to compare it to. There are moments when I want to give my little boy piles of presents under our spindly tree, but I am holding myself back. You have a lifetime to appreciate the mysteries! We will appreciate your mysteries, in the meantime.

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