Sunday, December 6, 2009

Dog Heaven

Jude LOVES dogs. So when my brother Duncan and his girlfriend Natalee drove up to spend Thanksgiving with us and brought their dog, Jude was ecstatic. Cinnamon is 3/4 pug and 1/4 chihuahua, and it's a really cute mix. She also has a great personality. Jude was a little taken aback by her energy for the first few hours, but after that he spent most of his waking hours chasing Cinnamon around the house and trying to either pet her or feed her treats.

Cinnamon spent most of Jude's sleeping hours curled up in his Spiderman chair. That didn't work quite as well when he was awake because he would try to sit in the chair with her and she didn't like it much.

Jude retaliated by claiming the dog bed.

Jude spent a lot of time trying to kiss the dog. He would approach with a wide open mouth and she would sometimes lick his face, but usually just run away.

It was really fun having a dog around for a few days. I was happy that Jude seemed to understand she was a living thing, and didn't hit her or try to pull her tail. Mostly he just wanted to kiss her and give her treats. I'm sure we will get a dog one of these days. Not until the kids are begging and think it is their idea, though!

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Natalie said...

Aahh...all these photos are hilarious - especially the last one!

Mishree said...


I am an absolute dog lover myself and cannot imagine life without a pet dog.It is a sincere request to you to bring home one as soon as possible...It makes the world around you more beautiful than you can ever imagine.It'll probably be the best gift you can ever give Jude.