Sunday, April 25, 2010

39 Weeks Pregnant

May 1 is right around the corner - next Saturday to be exact. The belly is growing and my energy levels are waning. We've shifted into "take it easy" mode around our house, with plenty of play time for Jude, but not too much else. I'm feeling a lot better than I did at this point in my last pregnancy, but it does start to become draining in the last few weeks, no matter how "easy" the pregnancy.

I've been lucky to have the opportunity to take a weekly prenatal yoga class, prenatal massage, and swimming at the gym. I think that the combination of all of these things has really helped prevent and treat the severe back pain that I experienced in the third trimester with Jude. It also makes a huge difference to have some help sleeping (I'm taking half an Ambien most nights). I wish I had known that was an option last time! Being comparatively rested when the baby is born is going to be nice.

We'll be sure to post here once the baby is born. Hopefully from the hospital, but if not then definitely once we get her home.

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Amber said...

Good luck in your last week(s)!! Can't wait to read all about the next stage in your lives as a family of four :)