Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little Things: Jude, 20 Months

Jude is twenty months old today, on Earth Day 2010. Here are a few tidbits about life with Jude these days.

Jude's games are getting more and more complex. Yesterday, he combined two of his favorite toys (blocks and the little red wagon) by filling up the wagon with blocks and then pulling them around the room. Then of course we had to take them in and out of the wagon a few times, then build a house and knock it down a few times. When we needed more blocks to build the house taller, Jude brought the wagon back over to the pile, filled it with blocks, and pulled them back to the construction zone (this was after walking back and forth a few times carrying two blocks at a time). Good problem solving skills and use of tools, Jude!

The game of "IN" has also been evolving. At first, it was hiding under the covers of our bed in the morning after story-time. Next, Jude would say "IN" to ask to go behind a couch cushion with a book to read it on his own. Soon afterward, IN became a game played before bedtime in which Jude would slide behind the bed, demand that we read aloud from The Swiss Family Robinson, interrupt us to declare that he was "stuck", and then shriek as we pulled him out into the middle of the room. Lately, "IN" means that Jude wants to be buried in pillows so that he can hide. We, of course, are expected to search diligently for him while he is hidden. If we let up for a minute, he will remind us with a cry of "ARE YOU!!!" (for "where are you?"). We also play "ARE YOU" in the car with his Easter toy (a bendy rabbit) whom he has named "Hoppy-Hoppy". Where does he come up with these names? We also have a name for the golf head cover (Bubby) and large stuffed bear from my childhood (Bobo). Below, Jude is prepared to begin a game of "IN".

Jude can't get enough of them. I think he would blow bubbles all day if he could convince someone to join him. This game is called "bubble-ubble".

Jude Juice:
We were given a juicer last month by Danel and Jude is hooked. Daddy prepares all of the fruits and vegetables, then Jude turns the juicer on and puts the produce in a little at a time. He's also pretty good at drinking his Jude Juice out of an open cup. We are always on the lookout for good juicing ingredients!

Big changes are coming in the next month for our Jude! It's hard to believe that the newborn that we first met twenty months ago has developed into this energetic, funny, creative toddler. How will a little sister change our family dynamic? We can't wait to find out.

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LibraryHungry said...

I remember that bear! Does he still survive? I'm amazed that he's made it through Tornado Jude with his stuffing intact!