Saturday, April 17, 2010

Iggy and Jude

Our friends Sasha and Bjorn live in Portland during the winter and Homer, Alaska in the summer. Their younger son, Iggy, is almost exactly Jude's age (due two days later, born five days later) and the two boys love to play together. Yesterday, we took Jude and Iggy to the park to play so that Sasha and Bjorn could have some time to pack for their drive up to Alaska this year.

The difference between the boys is striking. Iggy is an observer; Jude is a perpetual motion machine. Iggy sits at the top of the slide for a few minutes deciding if he wants to slide down; in that time, Jude has already been up and down three times. When Jude sees other kids playing with the "steering wheel", he pushes right in and wants a turn; Iggy watches the fun and then takes his turn when everyone else is finished (and he gets to play for as long as he likes).

This scene at the top of the slide is typical. Jude is ready to go while Iggy sits back and makes up his mind.

Iggy does have an older brother, and so he knows some tricks that Jude hasn't learned yet. Like swinging on the bar at the top of the slide before launching himself down (a much faster ride). Jude picked up on this one pretty quickly, and was swinging on bars for the rest of the morning.

Iggy is perfectly happy to sit on my lap during snack while Jude runs around and eats ten times as much food. Eventually Jude sat down too and we got a few cute photos of the three of us.

We'll miss Iggy and family while they're gone for the summer!

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