Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Swim Trainer

My sister insists that this floating bathing suit is the best way to teach a small child to swim. You basically take out one of the foam inserts every few days until there isn't any floatation assistance left. We gave it a test run on Jude a few days ago when it arrived in the mail, and his first reaction was not too positive.

But a few minutes later, once we took it off, he was asking for us to put it back on, so hopefully it wasn't a lasting dislike. I know, the thing looks ridiculous, but Jude is going to drown himself if he doesn't learn to swim soon. He is completely fearless in the water, dunking himself and coming up laughing. He runs through the shallow end, falling face first, trusting that someone will pick him up when it is time to breathe. At the pool this weekend, I think he would have gone down the water slide a hundred times if Daddy had the patience. Good thing one of his parents likes to swim!

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Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

that is awesome! where do we get one? does it work and really keep him afloat - head up?

Jeffrey said...

Pretty funny. Looks like he's ready to blow up Portland but is having second thoughts.

Linden said...

Andrea - We got ours at - I don't know if they would ship to China, though. One thing to keep in mind if you do get one is that they run really small (I learned this from the comments) so I got a size Large for Jude. It's supposed to fit 5-6 year-olds! It's a little big so I think it would be fine for Lucia too. As far as keeping him afloat - the point is that he does still have to do some work with arms and legs to keep upright, just like if he was really swimming. It is NOT a life preserver which allows him to swim with no supervision - at least not yet!