Thursday, August 12, 2010

August Picnics

We allowed ourselves just a few short weeks of summer in between our aggressive maternity and travel schedule. This gave us just enough time for Jude to learn the word "picnic." We had a lot of picnics last week, and on Saturday we went to TWO.

These shots are from the Reilly Reunion in Parkdale, Oregon. My grandmother was born just up the valley from here in 1917.

Ada put on her favorite party dress and posed from some shots with my "Oma", not to be confused with Ama.

After Parkdale, we returned down the valley to Oma's house in Hood River for naps and recuperation. The Cornett family all descended there in the yard for the annual summer Cornett Campout. We didn't campout this year, but we did stay into the evening and drove back in the dark.

Both kids were troopers (why do people say that?) and we made it home safe that night and got everyone into bed.

This was a big day for us, and a good adventure being out all day as a family. I guess the whole summer has been an adventure, to tell the truth.

Sh*t, just having children is enough adventure to make you want to stay home and watch reruns of The Office.
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Natalie said...

Amen, brother. Having kids is hard work! Good for you guys for getting out and having so much fun amidst the craziness.

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

Yee-Haw! We should picnic in Hawaii (or Sha-wai-yee, as the Chinese call it) - I love Ada's party dress. It's so fun to think about how her personality will develop. Can't WAIT for our trip together!