Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Things: Ada, 14 Weeks

Ada is 14 weeks old today. Here are a few details about our baby at this age:
  • Ada is growing well. She is almost 13 pounds and about 24.5 inches long.
  • Ada continues to be a good nursling. She typically feeds about 7-8 times a day for about 15-20 minutes each time. She will occasionally have a longer feeding, but it is rare. She almost never spits up. In general, Ada seems much less hungry than she did a few weeks ago. Sometimes she will refuse to nurse after only 5 minutes or less, especially in the morning when she is ready to start the day.
  • One issue that we had on our trip is that Ada refused to drink a bottle of formula one afternoon while I was out. This is something we need to work on this month since she'll have to start taking a few bottles a day once I go back to work next month. So far, she has only had breast milk, but that may change once I'm not around as much. With Jude, I was never able to pump enough to feed him while I was at work and I'm anticipating the same situation with Ada.
  • Ada is not sleeping especially well. She still goes to bed quite late (between 10 and 11) and wakes up once or twice to feed in the night. Often she will go right back to sleep after eating, but sometimes she is awake and it takes a while to get her back down. During the day, she is napping some, but not very consistently. We try to get her back to sleep after no more than two hours of wakefulness, but this is often not possible. Ada will take a long time to fall asleep if she's not ready to go to sleep, and will not stay down for very long. She does usually take one lengthy (2 hour) nap a day, but it is not at any consistent time so it's hard to plan around it. I hope she will start to do better as she reaches 4-5 months of age. We have set up a fan for white noise in her room since she seems to sleep better when she can't hear the noises of the house to wake her up. I think we may have had somewhat unrealistic expectations since Jude was (and is) such a good sleeper. But I would like to be getting more rest!
  • Ada seems to enjoy tummy time and loves looking around at everything that's going on in the world. She is very social and loves to smile and make faces at people. She likes to watch Jude and Daddy running around the house. I have seen her roll over a few times, but she doesn't do it consistently. She is doing pretty well at supported sitting and can stay upright for longer and longer periods. Her neck control is good and she can hold her head up most of the time (until she gets too tired).
  • Ada has graduated to size 2 diapers and size 3-6 month clothing for the most part.
  • We are currently using all three baby carriers with Ada. The Bjorn for walks, mostly facing out until her neck gets tired then facing in. I use the Ergo with a swaddle and sleeping hood to try to get her to sleep, and Daddy still uses the sling for that purpose.
  • Ada still does not enjoy car trips. We have the best experience if we can get her to sleep before the trip begins - then she will usually stay asleep while we're on the road.
  • Ada's hair is curly and it's getting lighter. I think she may end up having blue eyes and strawberry blond hair. She has a cute little curl on the top of her head that sticks up in the humid weather.
Here are a few photos from the past few weeks. The first one is from this past weekend, on the floor at Terry's house.

With the guitar in the Adirondacks.

Making a funny face for the camera.

With Ama at the Trapeze School in NYC.
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Natalie said...

What a cutie with her strawberry blonde hair! I also can't believe how much she looks like Jude. Sounds like she's doing great (though I'm sure the inconsistency in sleep is tough).

Amber said...

It's so fun to read about Ada, since her and Antonia are so close in age. I love to see how babies are different and the same in so many ways. She's growing up so well and is just a cutie!

Alex, Andrea, Lucia, Magdalena Jones said...

You say "humid weather" and I have to laugh... Portland is NOTHING compared to here. :-) But Ada certainly is a cutie. I hope she sleeps better for you soon too!