Monday, August 9, 2010

Lucky Number Seven

Today is our seventh anniversary.

Where has the time gone? We still look like those same two people in the pictures, so we can't be doing too badly.

I can barely keep track of the summer, let alone the past seven years. Two babies, one master's degree, a bathroom remodel, one trip to Europe, a multilevel deck project, one marathon, and many many miles on the cars have gone by all too quickly.

We have been lucky, lucky, lucky. It feels like we have had more than our share of the joy. I am often quick to thank God for that one, or The Universe, or the healthy stock market. But maybe I should break with convention and give ourselves a little more credit.

Linden and I met each other and very quickly figured the other as a Good Bet. There is something to be said for this reliance on the sheer power of human instinct to choose a mate. The gut feeling has served us well on this one, at least for seven years!

THANK YOU, everyone who joined us for our wedding day on August 9, 2003. Seven anniversaries later, we enjoy our health and happiness!
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EMM said...

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Natalie said...

Well said. And congrats!

Preston said...

Happy anniversary!

Nicole said...

Congrats! It's hard to believe your beautiful wedding was 7 years ago with how much I remember from it - speeches, weather, setting, dancing, food - perfect.

Davidko said...

Happy anniversary. The bachelor party was fun too.