Monday, August 23, 2010

"I Am Two"

For weeks, Jude has been answering "How old are you?" with "Almost two!". As of yesterday, he now says "I Am Two!". We had a (very) small birthday party yesterday for Jude's second (he got to invite two friends). The day was perfect, with play time, toys, and cupcakes. The video below captures the difference between a one-year-old and a two-year-old perfectly.

The day started off with a 4am visit to Daddy and Mommy in bed. "Jude, what's going on?" "Judey climbed out!" It was the first time he got out of his crib. How funny that it happened on his second birthday! We've now converted him to a toddler bed, and the jury is still out on how long it will take him to learn to stay in bed now that he has the freedom to leave whenever he likes. I was hoping to wait until Jude was a bit older before making this change, but it's not safe for him to fall out, so we had to make the move sooner.

There's more to come about the birthday, but enjoy the video for now.

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Amber said...

Happy 2nd Birthday Jude! (That was an entertaining video :)