Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ada Turns Two

My baby turned two last month, and revelled in the sweet delight of having all the attention. We threw a nice little garden party on the new patio and invited her friends from school. Jude planned it (we were trying to help him avoid any birthday envy) and it worked out pretty well. 

There was drawing, face painting, name painting, gardening, bubbles, and a short parade. The parade was the only hitch in the plan as the birthday girl didn't like the noisemakers.

Cookies over cake, and Queen Birthday was in Two-year-old heaven.

Later that week we celebrated Ada's REAL birthday with cupcakes an Nini's house, and a second party that rivalled the first. Again the center of attention, and this time there were PRESENTS. 

What can I say about my sweet little girl to mark the passing of two years?

Let me tell you a little bit about Ada and her loves.

Ada loves to draw, and paint, and draw again.
She loves to wear tails in her hair and clips.
Ada loves puzzles.
She loves to stand at the sink and play in the running water.
Ada loves her music, and sings along with all the kid songs.
She loves to dance.
Ada loves to follow Jude and play his games.
She loves to laugh, and loves a joke.
Ada loves her friends.
Ada has some silly little gestures, and she does them unconciously when she's excited, but also for a laugh.
Ada loves to do the laundry with Mom.
Ada loves to go "Ite-side" with Dad and rake up sticks.
Ada loves to wear her "glubs".
Ada loves purple and pink, but she also loves to name all the colors.
Ada loves to swim ("all by self") in her red floaty suit.
Ada loves running and races.
Ada loves to make eyes at Daddy. 

Happy Birthday, my Ada! We love you! 
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Natalie said...

What a cutie birthday girl!