Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Ada

Ada saw Dr. Jack a few weeks ago for her two-year visit. Here are her stats:
  • Height: 37 inches (99th percentile)
  • Weight: 26 pounds (40th percentile)
We never think of Ada as being big or tall, because she is so small compared with Jude, but it turns out she is very tall for a girl her age.  She was more chatty with Dr. Jack this time, telling him about her drawing and stickers.  She passed the two-year development assessment with no real areas of concern.  We did learn that she had several big molars coming in at the same time, which explains her recent sleepless nights.  Ada also had one shot, which didn't bother her much.  That is her last one until she is five years old!

Here are a few recent photos.  At Fort Vancouver with Barney Bear:

Running through the grass at Nini's house.

In the clubhouse with Barney Bear.

Ada loves the Sand Boat.

We had friends over for dinner recently, and Ada just couldn't stop laughing.

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