Sunday, May 27, 2012

The Wedding: Day 2

The morning of the wedding, we woke up in a charming farmhouse which had been converted to a B&B associated with the winery.  After a leisurely breakfast, the preparations began.  Nails, hair, jewelry, makeup, clothing.  Here's the end result:

The bridal party arrived at the winery well before the event was scheduled to begin, to take photos and make the final preparations.  The photo below of the bride and groom was taken just after Rich saw Margaret in her wedding finery for the first time.

Bridesmaid bouquet.

E Ben read a poem about love as part of the ceremony.

Trish and Walton, in front of the cake.

Rich, The Rev, and Margaret.

She spent a lot of time laughing.

It's funny to be part of the "older generation" of married couples.  I guess it happens to everyone eventually.

Me and my bro.


First dance.

E Ben with the two bridesmaids.

The end of the night.  Everyone is still standing...

Motto for the weekend: "What happens in New Egypt stays in New Egypt"

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peg said...

what a perfect pictorial!! Everyone looks so happy and relaxed! Yes, what happens in New Egypt, stays in New Egypt!! Tee shirts are coming! love mom