Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cousin Love

I've been meaning to post these photos from our week in Florida.  Cousin Hilary and Inga drove down to Naples to spend some time with us, and the kids had a great time playing together.  Ada and Inga were like two peas in a pod, trying on each other's shoes, swimming together, and sharing snacks.

I love this photo of the two girls on the raft in the pool.

Jude and Inga bonded over their love of iPhone games.  Jude taught Marie and Inga how to play Cookie Maker.

The Dollar Store water shooters were also popular.  Inga borrowed Jude's blue floaty suit since Jude didn't need it anymore.

We got a few shots with all three kids.  One in the pool...

... and one on the lounge chairs.

Here's Ada enjoying some ice cream poolside at the club.

And Jude lounging with Mama, pointing out an airplane in the sky.

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Natalie said...

Very very cute pics :-) I'm sure it was great to be hanging out in the sun!